Elixance, specialist in coloring plastics
Elixance, specialist in coloring plastics
Elixance, specialist in coloring plastics
Elixance, specialist in coloring plastics


Colours: perception and demand, role and function, nature and form
Colour is a vector for emotion, which is an important factor when making a purchase: a way to recognise something or a decisive factor in a person’s choice. Colour is an obvious attribute that no-one can be indifferent to. It creates feelings, emotions and reactions in those who see it, and these are one of our main focuses.
Additives: role and function, nature and form
Additives are organic or inorganic substances which are added to polymers to modify their physical or chemical properties. Our formulas will guarantee durability of your products.
Polymers: nature and form
The use of renewable resources and research into new functions to give polymers are two of our main focuses, and this has led to us developing specific products.


NIR black: a detectable black masterbatch, the optimal solution for recycling

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As part of its development, Elixance is investing in a new computer tool (ERP) for sharing information and monitoring activities, a new extrusion line and a
 new development line  financial support from the European Union.


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new brand Elixbio, specialized in the development and design of customized bioplastics based on biopolymers, co-products and natural fibres.

“Colouring, improving physical and chemical properties of plastics and the development of new materials are just some of the services and products Elixance can offer its customers. Passionate about colour and innovation into what plastics can do, the Elixance team offers solutions in a wide range of areas. Our Research and Development department and partners help us develop the best innovations, which our clients benefit from”.

Bruno LEGENTIL Dirigeant

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