Additives: role and function, nature and form


Effect and Function | Type and Form

Additives are organic or inorganic substances which are added to polymers to modify their physical or chemical properties. Our formulas will guarantee durability of your products.

Additives effect and Function

Additives effect and Function

Effect and Function

UV stabilisers: adding adapted UV stabilisers guarantees the product will last. The formula is created according to the place and the, the nature of the pigments, the polymer, and the toxicological requirements.
Anti-oxidants : adding anti-oxidants means you can manage the polymer’s rheology by limiting thermal breakdown when it is formed, as well as prevent a possible breakdown of the surface or its mechanical properties due to prolonged exposure to a nearby heat source.
Fire-Retardants : plastic’s main advantages are that it is easy to work and light, but this organic macromolecule is not sufficiently heat resistant for some markets. Adding an adapted formula will make it more fire resistant (UL 94 V0, V1 V2 class, glow wire…)
Anti-statics : they neutralise electric charges on the surface to prevent dust deposits, stop automatic packing machines working properly, and destroy certain electronic systems. They work by taking the ambient humidity and the polymer’s length of exposure into account.
Processing aids : stop polymers and metals rubbing against each other during the extrusion process. The advantages are a reduction in energy costs, an increase in efficiency, and a better shine.
Lubricants : adding a lubricator to a polymer reduces rubbing during production or use ( release, slip, productivity, surface aspect).
Anti-microbials : provide resistance to microorganisms like bacteria and mould. The formula is adapted to the polymer and the efficiency required.
Odour neutralisers : chemically react with certain odorous molecules to neutralise them.
Additives type and form

Type and Form

Masterbatch : concentration of additives dispersed throughout the polymer in a homogenous fashion. The utilisation rate varies between 2 and 10%. Presented in granule form.

Pure additive : when an important amount of additive in a polymer is needed, it is best to use a product with 100% active matter. Presented according to the type of additive (granule, chip, pellet, powder, liquid).