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03 Avril 2020

Elixance adapts its organization in response to the health crisis covid-19

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17 Janvier 2020

Elixance belongs to the BPI Excellence community

Launched on 16 October 2018 in Paris on the business premises of BPI, the first BPI PME chimie performance accelerator is nearing completion. It will close on February 6.

On this occasion, we would like to inform you of the developments related to this program.
First of all, the realization of a complete assessment of the company as well as a training sessions at ESC Paris on 6 major themes :
  • strategy and business model,
  • the factory of the future and industry 4.0,
  • CSR and sustainable development,
  • international expansion and external growth,
  • recruitment and employer branding,
  • and governance.
The second phase consisted in implementing various projects to complete the diagnosis, with the expertise of national consultants selected by BPI.

This accelerator has made it possible to rewrite our 10-year strategy and our 2024 strategic plan. The 6 main themes studied are currently being optimised or implemented within our company.

The development of ELIXANCE continues, the construction of the new site in 2016 has enabled us to optimize the flows and organization of the supply chain to meet the needs of customers quickly and efficiently.

The prospects for ELIXANCE are numerous:
  • an ICPE authorization is being validated,
  • a HACCP approach to reassure our food industry customers,
  • the use of a new video recruitment technique and the integration of highly qualified employees on a time-sharing basis in support functions (HR, Controlling, Communication). 
  • and the creation of an operational committee for the implementation and monitoring of these projects.
The accelerator has made it possible to strengthen the links between the members of the promotion and to integrate the BPI excellence network.

The objective of this accelerator was to take stock of the company's current situation and to project itself into the future with a broader vision of the stakes and phases of evolution than those of the daily life of a company director.

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17 Janvier 2020

NIR 38469 black: a black masterbatch detectable on sorting lines

In 2025, the Circular Economy Roadmap (FREC) sets a target of 100% recycled plastics, it is essential to put recyclable and identifiable packaging on the market to facilitate sorting. Currently, packaging containing carbon black is not detectable on sorting lines, therefore it cannot be recycled. This packaging is oriented towards an energy recovery process. CITEO has set up a malus system.

ELIXANCE offers solutions and has developed a masterbatch that can be detected by infrared. The packaging is then identified on the sorting lines to enable its recycling. This masterbatch has passed all the tests. This solution is being approved according to the COTREP optical sorting test procedure.

Our product, evaluated and validated by industrial customers, has an opacity and depth of colour very close to a masterbatch formulated with carbon black. ELIXANCE laboratories are currently working on the development of a more economical version of the detectable BLACK NIR masterbatch.

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17 Janvier 2020

ELIXANCE continues to invest in the development of PHA, a material in line with the environment.

PHA is the result of a biological fermentation process. Bacteria transform the carbonaceous materials contained in co-products from the food industry into polymers.

PHA has a much higher biodegradability than PLA or cellulose. This polymer will then be destined for several markets such as food or cosmetic packaging.

ELIXANCE has been working for 10 years, on the possibility to perform a biopolymer like PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) from regional resources. We have been involved in numerous projects with academic and industrial partners. In 2019, the first granules from fermentations were produced and processed in our laboratory. The first injection-moulded parts are being evaluated according to the biodegradability test. The goal is to meet a criteria of NF T51-800 standard (domestic composting).

ELIXANCE continues its developments for the future polymers and will be involved in 2020 in a new collaborative project on a European scale.

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ISO 9001
23 Octobre 2019

ISO 9001 version 2015

Elixance is continuing its development and has just taken a new step with the implementation of a quality management system.
After a positive audit last July by the organization TUV, we were certified ISO 9001 version 2015 on September 4, 2019.
A big thank you to all the employees who have invested in this project in parallel with their daily mission.

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29 Août 2019

Elixance recruitment

To achieve its ambitious 2024 strategic plan, Elixance needs talent.
Many qualifications will be needed to accompany us.
Our first wave of hiring concerns production trades following new investments.
We are looking for motivated people for different positions of extrusion operators.
Our profession is specific, we organize training at different positions.
Other positions will be available in the coming months in laboratory, commercial, communication and financial.
Feel free to send us your applications and see you soon in our beautiful region of Brittany.

Discovery our jobs by vidéo.

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Rugby RC Vannes-Oyonnax
16 Février 2019

Rugby ProD2, Elixance

 As part of its Responsible Care policy, Elixance has been a partner of the Rugby Club de Vannes for several years in order to boost the territory.
Last Friday, Elixance was godfather of the ProD2 RC Vannes-Oyonnax match.
On this occasion, the stadium was in the colors of Elixance, speach before and after match, billboards, banners, kick-off and employee participation in the post-game with the players.
Under a spring and a boosted atmosphere, the RC Vannes dominated Oyonnax on the score of 37 to 6.

We chose this match in particular because it is a professional and sporty wink between the two regions:
- Elixance owner company in the great west in competition with large chemical groups present in the plastic valley,
- RC Vannes, young professional club against Oyonnax, a monument of French rugby (Top 14, European Cup).

In both cases, financial means are not comparable, but the desire to create, to develop, to make a place in the big leagues is the same.
more info on the match:

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19 Novembre 2018

Recycling of the black plastic packagings

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19 Novembre 2018

Biopolymère biodégradable : le PHA

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16 Novembre 2018

Accelerator Chemistry

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16 Novembre 2017

Workplace ergonomics

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04 Juin 2018

A colorful summer!

> See the trends book

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04 Juin 2018

Our solution to help you FIGHT AGAINST COUNTERFEITING!

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04 Juin 2018


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04 Juin 2018

A new investment

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New machine
11 Janvier 2018

Print in 3D

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11 Janvier 2018

Development of flame retardants

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08 Janvier 2018

RCV and Elixance the story continue in 2018

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New year 2018
02 Janvier 2018

Elixance wish you a colorful year 2018

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20 Septembre 2017

polyamide glass fiber coloration

With the disappearance of the use of cadmium pigments for environmental and toxicological reasons, the coloring of polyamides charged with glass fibers in yellow, orange, red and green becomes extremely difficult. The new organic molecules hardly resist the characteristics of the charged polyamide (temperature higher 300° C, chemical aggressiveness of the polymer melted, opacity and color of glass fibers).
Our R & D laboratory has developed special formulations to give color to these materials. An extract of these possibilities has been realized in form of a range of colors according to the RAL color chart. The base of these illustrations is PA6 FV30.

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20 Septembre 2017


Elixance acquired new granulation equipment for small batches. This investment corresponds to our desire to offer highly technical products for volumes of less than one ton. With the flexibility and homogeneity of our equipment, this granulation concept will provide color masterbatches for soft materials such as polyurethane (TPU), and additive concentrates of more than 50% such as UV stabilizers or antistats.
Our R & D laboratory is currently working on other families of additives to be included in this concept.

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19 Septembre 2017


"The recyclability of a package is its ability to integrate recycling sector, to an other life. Improving the recyclability of packaging is a strategic eco-design action".
This is the leitmotiv of the Technical Committee for Recycling Plastic Packaging.
Elixance has developed formulations to substitute some of pigments contained in packaging that were not detectable during selective sorting by infrared in disposal site.

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18 Septembre 2017

Elixance renew the partnership with the Vannes rugby's club

Elixance renew the partnership with the Vannes rugby's club (RCV) for the 2017/2018 season. The dynamism, the spirit of conquest are part of the assets of the game of the Breton team. Values ​​we share, that's why we support it. Enthusiasm wins the crowds at the Rabine stadium. On average, about 7,000 people attend the show.
Angoulême and Bayonne have paid for it in the first two home games.

Follow the RCV news on the media and the club's website. Rugby Club Vannes

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26 Mai 2017


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03 Avril 2017

Inauguration new factory

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28 Mars 2017


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21 Février 2017

Elixance, sponsor of the match Vannes/Oyonnax

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06 Janvier 2017

Elixance reveals the new trend colors FW 2016/17



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05 Janvier 2017


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03 Janvier 2017

The magic punch that restores the product!

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28 Octobre 2016

Rugby : Partnership between Elixance and RCV

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23 Septembre 2016

Packaging exhibition 2016 - All 4 Pack

Elixance will be present at the packaging exhibition in Paris, from november 14 to 17.
Our team will present the 2017 book trends and innovations related to new materials.
Find us at booth L 149 7

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28 Juillet 2016

Progress, new plant

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27 Mai 2016

Reinforced fibers composites for 3D printing

Incorporation of different fillers in some polymer matrices improves the mechanical properties of filaments for 3D Printing. These characteristics can be interesting for injected parts.
Please find below some examples of developed materials:
On an ABS base reinforced with carbon fibers:
Advantages: lighter weight parts, low distortion during printing, parts less fragile than ABS parts.

On an ABS base reinforced with aramid fibers:
Advantages: lighter weight parts, low distortion, resistance to friction, more resistant to impact than ABS parts.

On a PLA base reinforced with flax fibers:
Advantages : bio-composite combines the ease of printing with excellent mechanical properties (modulus + 48% than ABS and weight gain of 126% than PLA)

On a PET base reinforced with carbon fibers:
Advantages : High tensile modulus up to 4700 MPa. Printed parts extremely robust, can be sanded and worked by standard post printing process. Manufacture of structural parts.

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29 Avril 2016

Packaging exhibition 2016

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15 Avril 2016


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plan ensemble
21 Mars 2016

New plant

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22 Février 2016

3D printing new materials

3D printing, also called additive manufacturing allow to create objects by stacking plastic layers.
 In production, the challenge of 3D printing is to produce functional pieces, more resistant with the same quality.
In collaboration with U.B.S. (University of South Britain), the Nanovia company for the filament production, and SMM Technology for the prototyping, the goal was to develop functional plastics.
Our recent results allow us to offer several materials categories:
- Bioplastics : Istroflex, flexible biodegradable plastic reinforced with a biobased filler, for the production of blow moulding. PLA reinforced with flax fibers to improve the mechanical properties.
- Fiber reinforced polymers : improvement of mechanical properties of polymers such as ABS, PC, PCTG by reinforcing with recycled carbon fibers.
- Endocrine disruptor : a range of colored materials validated without endocrine disruptor for additive manufacturing of medical product.

3D print is not suitable for all needs, but if your project is compatible, huge gains are possible.

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Colour trends 2016
14 Janvier 2016

colour trends 2016

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Leistritz Machinery ZSE27
27 Novembre 2015

New operational machinery

Two new operational machines in November in Elixance.

A first line based on a twin-screw Leistritz ZSE 27 Maxx extruder and special cutting elements suitable for different polymers and sizes of pellets. It 's specially optimized to produce colored masterbatches for engineering polymers (POM, PA, PC, PMMA, PBT, PET, TPU).
It will meet the needs of customers for batches 25 to 250kg on these polymer families.

A pilot line based on a twin-screw Leistritz ZSE 27 Maxx extruder longer for the development of new materials.
With its concept of gravimetric and side feeders, it will incorporate multiple vegetable, mineral or fiber fillers during the process and realize reactive extrusion.

This pilot line will be available to customers for their specific developments.

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20 Octobre 2015


Cap Ouest, producer of colours and additives masterbatches for plastics, in Arzal, became a group, named Elixance. Goal : awareness of the expertise of the “morbihannaise” SME (17 employees), nationally and internationally and spend from 3M€ to 5M€ of turnover in five years. The group will recruit five people before the end of the year and invests in a new 3000m² factory.

Read more : Journal des Entreprises 20 octobre 2015

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Elixance strengthens its team
15 Septembre 2015

Elixance strengthens its team

After the launch of our new identity ELIXANCE strengthens our team in several sectors and recruiting a sales assistant, a maintenance technician, two line conductors in extrusion and engineering research and development.
This reinforcement will allow new staff to provide the best service and guarantee the quality of our products and the development of new materials.
To fill these positions, thank you to submit resume and cover letter in the section Recruitment Enterprise Module.

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CAP OUEST become Elixance

CAP OUEST become Elixance

Summer 2015 saw the launch of both the brand and company !
The Colours and Additives sector (formerly CAP OUEST) has become Elixance Masterbatches.
A New Materials activity has been created under Elixance Polymers.
Elixance is planning investments in materials and human resources and the construction of a new site over the next two years.

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Launch of the Bluecopha project

Launch of the Bluecopha project

The different partners (Triballat, Séché, Europlastiques, Elixance, ENSCR, UBS) met at Europlastiques on the 25th of June 2015, to launch the Bluecopha project. This project consists of creating a PHA type biodegradable polymer (polyhydroxyalcanoate) from marine bacteria by using rinsing water from regional food industry as a substrate.

Read the article: research

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CCI Morbihan innovation trophies – Industry category

CCI Morbihan innovation trophies – Industry category

Innovating using savoir-faire from various partners won Madame Le Lu from Kervellerin the Morbihan innovation trophy, awarded by the CCI – Industry category, for “oysters and the creation of biodegradable objects with 3D printing”. The partnership included the Kervellerin oyster shell factory, Elixance for creating a supple biodegradable material made from oyster shell, Nanovia for 3D printing, and the USB’s compositic plateau for its optimisation and characterisation.

For more information :
The prize-winners:
Competition results:

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