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NIR black: a detectable black masterbatch, the optimal solution for recycling

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Responsibe care
18 Février 2023

[ CSR Approach ] ELIXANCE has received, from France Chimie, its

Since the beginning, ELIXANCE has placed CSR at the heart of its strategy and organization. In this context, on December 15, ELIXANCE received its "Responsible Care® - Diagnosis Confirmed" certificate from France Chimie.

This certificate is the result of a collaborative work with 5 other SMEs that participated in the pilot phase of the collective action initiated by France Chimie. This program, which alternated days of group work and days on site with an expert consultant, enabled ELIXANCE to carry out a quality self-diagnosis, to highlight the actions already carried out on a daily basis in the CSR field and, above all, to highlight areas for improvement.
Thanks to a collaborative diagnosis, our CSR roadmap can be deployed today. Our management system, based on the ISO 9001 standard, is enriched by the themes of Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development to form a responsible integrated system that allows us to respond, on a company-wide scale, to the societal and environmental challenges we face.
This action was also an opportunity to exchange ideas with other small and medium-sized companies and to benefit from their feedback and best practices, because it is by sharing that we move forward together for the planet and for people.
Thanks to the Responsible Care® voluntary commitment, we continue to contribute to the sustainable development objectives defined by the ONU  while giving confidence to our employees, partners and customers.

The Responsible Care® initiative is the chemical industry's shared global commitment to the safe management of chemicals throughout their life cycle and the promotion of their role in improving the quality of life and their contribution to sustainable development.
Responsible Care® is recognized by the ONU as the chemical industry's contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.


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Bonne année 2023
02 Janvier 2023

Happy new year 2023

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05 Octobre 2022

Back to the Big Tour

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07 Octobre 2022

Innovation: environmentally friendly fireproofing solutions certified M2 M3

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14 Septembre 2022

Elixance has obtained the renewal of its ISO 9001 version 2015 certification

Since obtaining its first certification in 2019, Elixance has never stopped improving its practices, at all levels of the company, to always offer a service and a product of the highest quality and support our clients in achieving their goals. Thank you to our teams for their daily involvement.

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03 Juin 2022

Within the framework of the European project Nénu2PHAr, Elixance has developed a compostable 3D printing filament based on PHA

From :

The NENU2PHAR project has received funding from the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU) under grant agreement No 887474. The JU receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the Bio-Based Industries Consortium.

Site nenu2phar :


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FIP 2022
13 Avril 2022

Thank you for visiting our booth at the FIP

Be assured that we had the greatest pleasure to welcome you on our stand during the FIP show from April 5th to 8th in Lyon.

If you would like more information about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us at +33 2 23 10 16 17 or by e-mail at

The Elixance teams would like to thank you once again and will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with the answers you are looking for.

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24 Mars 2022

See you at the France Innovation Plasturgie exhibition

Elixance will be present at the FIP which will take place from April 5 to 8. We will be happy to welcome you at the show to present our innovations, our products and of course the Nautilium, a collective project of new biomaterial. 
See you on booth F29.

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16 Février 2022

Biomaterials, if the future came from the ocean?

The One Ocean Summit opens today. The environmental challenges call for strong responses at all levels. At our regional level, we are pleased to announce the birth of Nautilium and the alliance of Europlastiques, Elixance, Polymaris Biotechnology, Séché Environnement and Triballat Noyal within the framework of an economic interest group.
Nautilium is a biomaterial from the Breton seabed produced in a circular model. Nautilium is biodegradable in natural conditions and is a source of value for co-products from the food industry. It has the same properties as existing polymers on the market

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23 Février 2022

Elixbio invests in a new R&D line dedicated to biomaterials

For several years, Elixbio has expanded its range of biomaterials based on co-products (coffee grounds, oyster shells, etc.) and natural fibers (flax, reed, hemp fibers, etc.), mainly from the west of France.

To meet growing market demand and increase its development capacity, Elixbio has acquired a new twin-screw extrusion line that will allow for multiple formulations based on biopolymers and natural fillers.

The whole R&D team has been thoroughly trained and the line is now operational.

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Happy new year 2022 !
03 Janvier 2022

Happy new year 2022 !

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webinar  UV
02 Décembre 2021

Elixance presents its fourth webinar on UV color durability watch the replay!

How to keep the intensity of your colors over time?
Everyday plastic objects are subject to the vagaries of weather and UV. Elixance gives you the keys to understand the mechanisms of degradation and presents you its solutions.

In this context, we have carried out a complete study on the stability of the color according to the pigments and additives used. The European regulation (REACH) is constantly evolving, we will present you the additives of tomorrow.

Register to access the replay

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26 Novembre 2021

Back to Duoday at Elixance

As part of Duoday, Valérie, an Elixance employee, welcomed Magali. This day allowed her to discover the job of product coordinator. She visited the workshop with her partner and met the various employees. It was a day full of meetings and feedback.

A positive outcome for this first edition of Duoday at Elixance. Magali told us how she felt about this day: "I am delighted with the exchange and sharing I was able to have with Valerie and the team, her job is very interesting and the explanations were very clear!"

A great way to raise awareness about disability in the workplace. 

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18 Octobre 2021


Elven (56). In strong growth, Elixance adjusts its strategy to become a PMI

Link to the article

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elixance recrute
22 Septembre 2021

Elixance is recruiting, discover the company in video!

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webinar couleurs et pigments
30 Juin 2021

Elixance presents its third webinar on color and pigments watch the replay!

How to add value to your products through color?
Color plays an important role in the purchasing process, as it conveys emotions and values.

Elixance offers you a webinar to give you the keys to designing a sustainable color in line with the image you want to give to your products.

The program will cover the steps involved in designing a color: from the selection of pigments to technical and toxicological constraints.

Register to access the replay

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Our industry is recruiting
08 Juillet 2021

[ Our industries are recruiting ] Elixance is recruiting & opens its doors to showcase its professions and know-how

Elixance took part in the "Our Industries are Recruiting" operation organized by Vannes Agglomeration, in conjunction with the City of Vannes, Néo 56 and the Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie (UIMM). At the origin of the project, an observation was shared by the territory's Job Centers: the jobs in the industry are very varied and are often poorly known. The objective of this action is to make the link between the job seekers and the needs of the companies in the territory.

In this context, Elixance welcomed several groups, with the objective of discovering the company's various trades and expertise in a concrete manner. This event allowed for exchanges and feedback with the company's various employees.

Located in a niche sector, Elixance's goal is the creation, development and production of custom colors, functions and materials for industrial applications. The plastics industry is often misunderstood. With a team of 26 employees who share the same values (Curiosity, Rigor, Expertise, Agility), the company is experiencing strong growth and wishes to strengthen its teams, particularly in production. 

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16 Juin 2021

Focus on Alexis, work-study student at Elixbio

Focus on Alexis, work-study student at Elixance 

Alexis has been working as an intern at Elixance since August 31, 2020. He divides his time between his university studies in Lorient and internship days within the company. Thanks to this interview, he explains his career path and his missions. With his tutor David Leporho, they will work on various themes around biopolymers.

Hello Alexis  😊

 -Can you introduce yourself?

I am Alexis VAN ELSLANDER, I am in master 2 “Eco-Conception of Polymers and Composites” in Lorient. I started my work-study in September 2020 after a first internship during my first year of Master.

-What is your academic background?

After having obtained a BAC S option sciences of the engineer in Vannes, I made a DUT Physical Measures option Materials and Physical-chemical Controls in Caen. After my DUT, I did a general license in polymers and composites in Lorient. I then did my Master’s degree in Eco-Conception of Polymers and Composites in Lorient.

-What is the goal of your internship?

The aim of my internship is to develop biomaterials based on biopolymers loaded with co-products in response to customer requests.

-How are your missions going?

My tutor David directs me to projects or studies. Then I do a bibliographical research to see what has already been done and to define the axes of work. I establish formulas based on biopolymers that I implement: twin-screw extrusion and injection of specimens. I then characterize the biomaterial and the specimens. I present my results and my synthesis to David and we analyze them in order to define the next steps.

-What is your professional project?

I would like to get a job as a project manager in R&D in the field of bioplastics (compounding, processing).

-And if you had to describe Elixance in 3 words?

Innovative, Ambitious, Dynamic

Thank you Alexis for this presentation and enjoy your internship with the Elixance team 😉

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14 Avril 2021

[ 📢 We're in the news ]

Read the article: Elixance is growing and wants to reach €10 million by 2025

Link to the l'article 

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07 Avril 2021

[ 🎬 interview] Elixance employs 32 people, 4 of them working on a timeshare basis. Discover the testimonials.

Today, 4 employees work on a time-sharing basis within Ellixance and make their skills available to the company.

Discover the testimonies of Mr. Legentil, the founder and director, and of the 4 timeshare employees in this article.

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24 Mars 2021

🏈 Break with 2 players of RCV 🏈

Thank you for this friendly moment of exchange and sharing

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10 Février 2021

Season 5 [ episode 1 ] Elixance plays collective & renews partnership with RCV

Elixance has been a partner of the RCV for 5 years
Elixance's passion for the oval ball began 5 years ago when the RCV was in the Pro D2. The will to move forward, the dynamism, the spirit of conquest are part of the assets of the Breton team and these are values shared within our company.
For several years, the strength and ambition of the RCV have thrilled us, as in the victory against the Oyonnax team.
It is in this particular health context that Elixance has decided to renew and strengthen its partnership to help the club achieve its sporting objectives and develop. Anchored in our territory and as part of our CSR approach, we are committed to supporting clubs and sporting events that energize local life.

 Elixance and RCV: shared values
Respect, team spirit, commitment, sharing and conviviality are all values that are an integral part of the DNA of the RCV and Elixance. These values, applied in daily life and in the professional sphere, allow each person to reveal themselves, to blossom and to find their place in the team in order to achieve common goals.
 Different context but common points
 An independent SME, we are located in Brittany, far from the "Plastics Valley" located in Oyonnax, which alone concentrates a large number of companies in the plastics sector. With agility and fighting spirit, we have succeeded in developing ourselves to be recognized in our sector of activity. Just like the RCV, which started small and grew to become the first Breton club in the Pro D2. This year, the RCV is expanding with the arrival of Nick Abendanon, an experienced player. The Elixance team has also been structured with the arrival of experienced employees to strengthen the current team. Driven by common values and a passion for rugby, we are proud to support this club with which we have a lot in common.

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06 Janvier 2021

The Elixance team wishes you a happy new year 2021

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webinar bioplastic
02 Décembre 2020

Elixance presents its second webinar on bioplastics, watch the replay!

The term bioplastic can be confusing because it refers to bio-based and/or biodegradable materials with different properties.

How to choose a bioplastic that is in line with your values and adapted to your applications?
Elixance offers you a webinar to give you the keys to distinguish and understand the different categories of bioplastics as well as the regulatory context.

Register to access the replay :


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11 Novembre 2020

Elixance poursuit son activité et reste à votre disposition pour vos demandes de masterbatches couleurs

In this particular sanitary context, Elixance has adapted its organization and continues to develop and produce color masterbatches and additives while strictly respecting sanitary measures. We are mobilized and we are doing our utmost to meet your needs while respecting the deadlines.

We are at your disposal for any request for information on color and additive developments by telephone on 02 23 10 16 17 or by e-mail

Take care of yourself, 

The Elixance team 

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21 Octobre 2020

Elixance is involved in a new European collaborative project around PHA: NENU2PHAR

The NENU2PHAR project aims to create a new European value chain for the production of PHA-based bioplastics from sustainable resources with a controlled end-of-life. NENU2PHAR is funded by the European Commission and the European Joint Undertaking Bio Based Industry (BBI-JU).

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) are biopolymers derived from a biological fermentation process and are widely recognized as an alternative to fossil fuel-based plastics. They are renewable, biodegradable and of biological origin, all characteristics that make them the polymers of the future.

Six specific objectives :
• Develop competitive PHAs polymers bio-sourced, sustainable both from an environmental and economic perspective
• Formulate and functionalise polymer for masterbatch and compounding development
• Identify processes of PHA-material to reach defined functional properties of bioplastic better than fossil-fuel counterparts
• Develop eco-designed PHA-biobased products
• Demonstrate the circular economy and sustainability of the NENU2PHAR value chain
• Increase stakeholders and consumer awareness of new bio-plastic product for better acceptance and compliance to marke

For more information, you can refer to the website of the European Commission:
Download the press release

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09 Septembre 2020

The Story of ISTROFLEX: A beautiful collective adventure between circular economy and sustainable development.

5 economic actors design a regional biodegradable raw material for the manufacture of sports soles.

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Cotrep certified
12 Août 2020

The Cotrep approved Elixance black NIR MO 38469 solution, this product guarantee the detectability of black packaging.

In 2025, the Circular Economy Roadmap (FREC) sets a target of 100% recycled plastics, the eco-design of packaging will become a key issue in the coming year.

To respond to this issue and maximize the recyclability of black and dark packaging, Elixance has developed the black dye NIR MO 38469, which can be detected in sorting center. Indeed, the carbon black pigment is widely used to obtain dark colors (such as black, gray, green, or purple for example) at a competitive cost. However, sorting center are increasingly automated and sort packaging by infrared detection. Traditional dark packaging based on a carbon black pigment is not identified and is sent for incineration, thus preventing its recycling. 

The approval and evaluation of the black NIR MO 38469 masterbatch by an independent body, Cotrep, guarantees optimum detectability by sorting lines. Elixance has developed similar products on other polymers.

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elixance compound
15 Juillet 2020

Elixance continues its developments combining biopolymers and natural fillers

For several years Elixance has been developing biopolymers using natural fillers and fibers (oyster and scallop shells, flax, hemp, etc.), mostly from local resources.

One of the first developments carried out in collaboration with several Breton companies, concerning a PHA derived from marine bacteria, should enter the industrial phase at the end of this year with the production of the first series of packaging items. The first granules from the different fermentations have been produced and processed in the laboratory. Prototypes of injected parts are currently being evaluated according to the biodegradability test with the aim of meeting the NF T51-800 domestic composting standard. Complementary tests are also underway in the marine environment with promising initial results. The final objective is to optimise the manufacturing process and improve the properties of this new material in line with the environment.

In collaboration with SW Développement, a major player in the recovery and reuse of coffee co-products, Elixance has also developed a new biomaterial, biosourced, biodegradable and GMO-free, incorporating a high level of coffee grounds. Laboratory tests show that it retains the technical characteristics necessary for injection applications particular for parts for non-food use. A future version of this compound should also be suitable for film extrusion. While providing special properties to the finished product, this compound also contributes to the recovery of organic waste. Once degraded, the natural properties of the coffee grounds can be used to amend the soil.

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15 Juin 2020

Elixance's first webinar on antimicrobials watch the replay!

First Elixance webinar in partnership with Sanitized on antimicrobial solutions for plastic objects. We would like to thank Frédéric Loyrion for his intervention and all the participants.
Register to watch the replay :

In September, we will offer a webinar on biopolymers.

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13 Mai 2020


Since the beginning of the epidemic, Elixance has been striving to provide materials for priority sectors such as the medical and food industry. Our materials are primarily intended for customers working in the medical sector by printing in 3D protective visors or mouthpieces for respiratory masks. We also produce antibacterial additives for hospital and masterbatches used in food packaging.

We make all necessary effort to meet the needs and deadlines of our customers by applying strict procedures in compliance with barrier gestures to protect our staff. Elixance would like to thank its teams for their commitment and mobilization to continue to produce and ship products in this sanitary context.

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15 Avril 2020

Elixance adapts its organization in response to the health crisis covid-19

Elixance has introduced all necessary heath measures from the beginning to limit the Covid-19 pandemic and protect its employees and partners.

The company manufactures raw materials, among others, for the production of packaging used by the food industry. Elixance has adapted its organisation in response to the pandemic crisis, by prioritizing teleworking for the sales team, which can still be contacted to deal with your requests. The production continues with a reduced workforce by applying strict procedures in compliance with barrier gestures without any degradation of our quality process

We update in real time the measures to be implemented for our activity and employees, taking into account the published health and  instructions. We wish you, your teams and your families that this crisis will be the least penalizing for you.

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11 Mars 2020

Elixance belongs to the BPI Excellence community

Launched on 16 October 2018 in Paris on the business premises of BPI, the first BPI PME chimie performance accelerator is nearing completion. It will close on February 6.

On this occasion, we would like to inform you of the developments related to this program.
First of all, the realization of a complete assessment of the company as well as a training sessions at ESC Paris on 6 major themes :
  • strategy and business model,
  • the factory of the future and industry 4.0,
  • CSR and sustainable development,
  • international expansion and external growth,
  • recruitment and employer branding,
  • and governance.
The second phase consisted in implementing various projects to complete the diagnosis, with the expertise of national consultants selected by BPI.

This accelerator has made it possible to rewrite our 10-year strategy and our 2024 strategic plan. The 6 main themes studied are currently being optimised or implemented within our company.

The development of ELIXANCE continues, the construction of the new site in 2016 has enabled us to optimize the flows and organization of the supply chain to meet the needs of customers quickly and efficiently.

The prospects for ELIXANCE are numerous:
  • an ICPE authorization is being validated,
  • a HACCP approach to reassure our food industry customers,
  • the use of a new video recruitment technique and the integration of highly qualified employees on a time-sharing basis in support functions (HR, Controlling, Communication). 
  • and the creation of an operational committee for the implementation and monitoring of these projects.
The accelerator has made it possible to strengthen the links between the members of the promotion and to integrate the BPI excellence network.

The objective of this accelerator was to take stock of the company's current situation and to project itself into the future with a broader vision of the stakes and phases of evolution than those of the daily life of a company director.

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19 Février 2020

NIR 38469 black: a black masterbatch detectable on sorting lines

In 2025, the Circular Economy Roadmap (FREC) sets a target of 100% recycled plastics, it is essential to put recyclable and identifiable packaging on the market to facilitate sorting. Currently, packaging containing carbon black is not detectable on sorting lines, therefore it cannot be recycled. This packaging is oriented towards an energy recovery process. CITEO has set up a malus system.

ELIXANCE offers solutions and has developed a masterbatch that can be detected by infrared. The packaging is then identified on the sorting lines to enable its recycling. This masterbatch has passed all the tests. This solution is being approved according to the COTREP optical sorting test procedure.

Our product, evaluated and validated by industrial customers, has an opacity and depth of colour very close to a masterbatch formulated with carbon black. ELIXANCE laboratories are currently working on the development of a more economical version of the detectable BLACK NIR masterbatch.

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15 Janvier 2020

ELIXANCE continues to invest in the development of PHA, a material in line with the environment.

PHA is the result of a biological fermentation process. Bacteria transform the carbonaceous materials contained in co-products from the food industry into polymers.

PHA has a much higher biodegradability than PLA or cellulose. This polymer will then be destined for several markets such as food or cosmetic packaging.

ELIXANCE has been working for 10 years, on the possibility to perform a biopolymer like PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) from regional resources. We have been involved in numerous projects with academic and industrial partners. In 2019, the first granules from fermentations were produced and processed in our laboratory. The first injection-moulded parts are being evaluated according to the biodegradability test. The goal is to meet a criteria of NF T51-800 standard (domestic composting).

ELIXANCE continues its developments for the future polymers and will be involved in 2020 in a new collaborative project on a European scale.

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