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18 Février 2023

[ CSR Approach ] ELIXANCE has received, from France Chimie, its

Responsibe care

Since the beginning, ELIXANCE has placed CSR at the heart of its strategy and organization. In this context, on December 15, ELIXANCE received its "Responsible Care® - Diagnosis Confirmed" certificate from France Chimie.

This certificate is the result of a collaborative work with 5 other SMEs that participated in the pilot phase of the collective action initiated by France Chimie. This program, which alternated days of group work and days on site with an expert consultant, enabled ELIXANCE to carry out a quality self-diagnosis, to highlight the actions already carried out on a daily basis in the CSR field and, above all, to highlight areas for improvement.
Thanks to a collaborative diagnosis, our CSR roadmap can be deployed today. Our management system, based on the ISO 9001 standard, is enriched by the themes of Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development to form a responsible integrated system that allows us to respond, on a company-wide scale, to the societal and environmental challenges we face.
This action was also an opportunity to exchange ideas with other small and medium-sized companies and to benefit from their feedback and best practices, because it is by sharing that we move forward together for the planet and for people.
Thanks to the Responsible Care® voluntary commitment, we continue to contribute to the sustainable development objectives defined by the ONU  while giving confidence to our employees, partners and customers.

The Responsible Care® initiative is the chemical industry's shared global commitment to the safe management of chemicals throughout their life cycle and the promotion of their role in improving the quality of life and their contribution to sustainable development.
Responsible Care® is recognized by the ONU as the chemical industry's contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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