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15 Janvier 2020

ELIXANCE continues to invest in the development of PHA, a material in line with the environment.

PHA is the result of a biological fermentation process. Bacteria transform the carbonaceous materials contained in co-products from the food industry into polymers.

PHA has a much higher biodegradability than PLA or cellulose. This polymer will then be destined for several markets such as food or cosmetic packaging.

ELIXANCE has been working for 10 years, on the possibility to perform a biopolymer like PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) from regional resources. We have been involved in numerous projects with academic and industrial partners. In 2019, the first granules from fermentations were produced and processed in our laboratory. The first injection-moulded parts are being evaluated according to the biodegradability test. The goal is to meet a criteria of NF T51-800 standard (domestic composting).

ELIXANCE continues its developments for the future polymers and will be involved in 2020 in a new collaborative project on a European scale.
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