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19 Février 2020

NIR 38469 black: a black masterbatch detectable on sorting lines

In 2025, the Circular Economy Roadmap (FREC) sets a target of 100% recycled plastics, it is essential to put recyclable and identifiable packaging on the market to facilitate sorting. Currently, packaging containing carbon black is not detectable on sorting lines, therefore it cannot be recycled. This packaging is oriented towards an energy recovery process. CITEO has set up a malus system.

ELIXANCE offers solutions and has developed a masterbatch that can be detected by infrared. The packaging is then identified on the sorting lines to enable its recycling. This masterbatch has passed all the tests. This solution is being approved according to the COTREP optical sorting test procedure.

Our product, evaluated and validated by industrial customers, has an opacity and depth of colour very close to a masterbatch formulated with carbon black. ELIXANCE laboratories are currently working on the development of a more economical version of the detectable BLACK NIR masterbatch.
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