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12 Août 2020

The Cotrep approved Elixance black NIR MO 38469 solution, this product guarantee the detectability of black packaging.

Cotrep certified

In 2025, the Circular Economy Roadmap (FREC) sets a target of 100% recycled plastics, the eco-design of packaging will become a key issue in the coming year.

To respond to this issue and maximize the recyclability of black and dark packaging, Elixance has developed the black dye NIR MO 38469, which can be detected in sorting center. Indeed, the carbon black pigment is widely used to obtain dark colors (such as black, gray, green, or purple for example) at a competitive cost. However, sorting center are increasingly automated and sort packaging by infrared detection. Traditional dark packaging based on a carbon black pigment is not identified and is sent for incineration, thus preventing its recycling. 

The approval and evaluation of the black NIR MO 38469 masterbatch by an independent body, Cotrep, guarantees optimum detectability by sorting lines. Elixance has developed similar products on other polymers.
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