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15 Juillet 2020

Elixance continues its developments combining biopolymers and natural fillers

elixance compound

For several years Elixance has been developing biopolymers using natural fillers and fibers (oyster and scallop shells, flax, hemp, etc.), mostly from local resources.

One of the first developments carried out in collaboration with several Breton companies, concerning a PHA derived from marine bacteria, should enter the industrial phase at the end of this year with the production of the first series of packaging items. The first granules from the different fermentations have been produced and processed in the laboratory. Prototypes of injected parts are currently being evaluated according to the biodegradability test with the aim of meeting the NF T51-800 domestic composting standard. Complementary tests are also underway in the marine environment with promising initial results. The final objective is to optimise the manufacturing process and improve the properties of this new material in line with the environment.

In collaboration with SW Développement, a major player in the recovery and reuse of coffee co-products, Elixance has also developed a new biomaterial, biosourced, biodegradable and GMO-free, incorporating a high level of coffee grounds. Laboratory tests show that it retains the technical characteristics necessary for injection applications particular for parts for non-food use. A future version of this compound should also be suitable for film extrusion. While providing special properties to the finished product, this compound also contributes to the recovery of organic waste. Once degraded, the natural properties of the coffee grounds can be used to amend the soil.
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